TWO RULES: Follow the Golden Rule. Use Your Own Words.

The only thing you have is your words, so use them wisely and efficiently. Proper Netiquette is about making what you say intelligible and being respectful. Avoid being accidentally mistaken for a mean-spirited, disrespected obnoxious lout, unless you want to be mistaken for a disrespectful, obnoxious, mean-spirited lout. If so, don’t do it here. You are expected to obey the specific rules and guidelines of the Courtroom you visit. Each Judge will have the rules of Court be posted. Here are the Basics:
Everyone will get their time in Court. The goal of CyberJustice(R) is to allow the Plaintiff to get something off his/her chest. Don’t spoil it for them. Your turn will come. This is the place where you can relieve your frustrations. Remember you speak for yourself and yourself alone. Describe your own feelings and actions, no one else’s. Tell the COURT exactly what happened that makes you so MAD. Who wronged you? What did they do?

You and the other players define the story being told, so work together to make it a good experience. The interactions are the purpose of the experience, not winning or losing. Wait your turn. Part of your education can come from wandering in and out of Courtrooms and watching how others interact. You can participate as much or as little as you like, including just being a Spectator. In fact, it’s highly recommended for new Visitors.

Let Everyone Speak 4 Themselves 🙂 Let The Trials Begin!

THE COURT FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

WHAT DO I DO AND SAY IN COURT? You don’t need a lawyer … If YOU want to talk about it, YOU are your own Prosecutor in The COURTS of KARMIC JUSTICE. You may plead your case (any kind, small or large) against anyone or anything, for any reason (silly or serious). Tell your story in your own words, be clear and convincing. You may have witnesses, but it’s not necessary.
HOW LONG DO I HAVE IN COURT? There’s no time limit, subject to the Judge’s discretion. Each case is different. Some can be decided quickly. Others are complex and may take longer. We hope Everyone will have an opportunity to be heard.

The person who brings the case to Court is the PLAINTIFF. The DEFENDANT is the person(s) who allegedly “wronged” the Plaintiff. WITNESSES can be called to support either side.
Anyone can be designated as a member of THE JURY by the Judge. The minimum for a Jury is three people. The maximum is the size of the Courtroom.

CAN MY CASE BE HEARD WITHOUT THE DEFENDANT? Yes. The Defendant may or may not appear in Court, and the
Plaintiff might not want them there. You can request their presence by sending an Email SUMMONS, however, if there isn’t a Defendant, the Judge may ask a Spectator to become a DEVIL’S ADVOCATE (DA) to represent the Defendant’s side in the trial.

WHO WILL ASK ME QUESTIONS? The Judge, the Jury and Spectators in Court can ask you questions. You can always refuse to answer a Question by saying, “I Take the 5th” or “Objection” or “Irrelevant”. The Judge will ensure that you will not be embarrassed in Court. You are there to tell your own story in your own way. Hecklers are warned once and removed the second time.
Remember you can “whisper”. Use the Instant Message function to have a private conversation (with a Witness, Attorney, or anyone else).

IF I WIN, WHAT DO I GET FROM THE COURT? The Jury votes and the Majority Rules, although it’s up to the Judge. The winner gets Relief and a Judgment you can show the loser and his/her friends.
WHAT ABOUT GETTING JUSTICE OR REVENGE? Punishments and Rewards will be available in QuikJustice in the SANCTUARY Of REWARD or THE PLATFORM OF PUNISHMENTS.
WHAT IF I LOSE MY CASE IN COURT? Try again. There’s no limit to the number of times you can try your case; or the number of Defendants you can complain against. This is the place to get them all off your chest.

WANT 2 BE YOUR OWN JUDGE & JURY? kANGaROO Court is always open: 24/7 365 days a year (Earth Time). How can you lose? File Your Pleadings and YOU Determine & Record Your Judgment, then proceed to QUIKJUSTICE for sentencing.

Check the DOCKET for the schedule for all the Courts, including changes to Courtroom hours and information about the sitting Judges. There will be issues of Galactic Importance from time to time that should be discussed. The Justice Masters will decide when and if, to convene the The Court of Public Opinion, the SUPREME COURT.


Court cases are heard on a first-come, first-heard basis. You may call anyone to the ‘Witness Stand’ to be a Witness for you. The Judge may ask someone to become a Devil’s Advocate (DA) to represent the Defendant, or if you choose, bring them to Court with you.

The Presiding Judge will ask the Jury for a Verdict. ALL members of the Courtroom vote on the Verdict.

The Presiding Judge will tally the votes and hands down a sentence ! ! !

WANT 2 JOIN our ONLINE JURY? What’s Your Verdict Polls the Cases and the Issues of the Day.
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Don’t Get MAD … GET EVEN!

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